jeudi 21 juin 2012

Somewhere else ...etho oridathu, exceptional concert in India

Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Akademi, Foundation Coupleux-Lassalle, Cumulus (Paris)  &
Thrissur Art Culture Heritage Foundation 
propose an exceptional concert
Somewhere else ...etho oridathu
2nd June 2012 Saturday
Regional Theatre
Thrissur, Kérala, INDIA

"Between traditional Indian music and western music, the paths cross, cultures interact, new landscapes are revealed to our imagination.
Around the singer & composer Ravi Prasad, some of the best musicians in Kerala and some of the best musicians in France come together to offer you a journey through the world, through time.... together, they  would express the universal dimension of music.
> see presentation of the show

Ravi Prasad (vocal), 
A Ananthapadmanabhan (veena), 
Thrissur C Rajendran (violon)
Thrissur C Narendran (mridangam), 
Marc-Olivier de Nattes (violon), 
Stephane Henoch (violon),
Christine Jaboulay (viola), 
Jerome Lefranc (cello)

> press about the show - PDF

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